2018 UNCF/Mellon Programs International Faculty Seminar

In less than two weeks from today, the 2018 UNCF/Mellon Programs International Faculty Seminar, “The African Diaspora in the Spanish-speaking and Lusophone Worlds,” will begin (July 2nd). The seminar will be led by Professor Linda Heywood who will also serve as one of the eight faculty members.

Please visit the following page for more information: 2018 UNCF/Mellon Programs International Faculty Seminar

Professor Heywood will lecture at Virginia’s Mariners’ Museum on Dec. 14th at 7pm

Professor Linda Heywood and announcement of her lecture at the Mariners’ Museum is featured in The Virginian-Pilot. To see the full article, click on the following link: “Master strategist, warrior and negotiator in 1700s Africa. And a woman. Hear more about Queen Njinga of Angola on Thursday

*Two errors in the article: (1) “17th century Africa” not “1700s,” and (2) Professor Heywood cites “Queen Elizabeth I” not “Queen Victoria”

Corrections: “Master strategist, warrior and negotiator in 17th century Africa. And a woman. Hear more about Queen Njinga of Angola on Thursday.”

“But Queen Elizabeth I did not lead an army”