Njinga in Popular Culture

Queen Njinga’s legacy is strong – she has become a figure of legendary status all over the world.  Here are just a few examples of how Njinga has become an icon over the centuries. If you have any examples to add, get in touch!

2012: QI XL – Series J Ep 4 “Jack and Jill”  Njinga features as a segment in the British comedy panel show hosted by Stephen Fry where comedians come up with “quite interesting” answers to trivia.

2013: Director Sergio Graciano’s Portuguese language  film Njinga, Queen of Angola premieresWatch an interview on the film via the British Film Institute website.

2014:  Exhibition of protest banners at London’s Southbank Centre includes artist Ed Hall’s 1987 banner for the Lambeth NALGO Women’s Group featuring a portrait of Queen Njinga.

2014: Birkbeck College Women’s Campaign blog features Njinga in “31 Days of Her story”

2015: New BBC series presented by Amanda Foreman called “The Ascent of Woman” (Advertising at the end shows Njinga).

2016: Nzinga Warrior Queen – a storytelling at the Scottish Storytelling Centre